Montbleu Resort & WFC - MMA at the Lake

Montbleu Resort & WFC - MMA at the Lake - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 15, 2013 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada USA

15 Scheduled fights with the return of RYAN McCARTHY and our Champ Corey Carlson on St Patricks Day weekend! This event will be ASSIGNED seats so, the earlier you get tickets the better seats you will get.,, the MontBleu Box Office or by calling 1-888-829-7630. Other Featured Fighters: Ryan McCarthy Shane Miller Mat Medor Josh Teter Sean Lebard Miguel Jimenez Ryan Coulson Aspen Ladd Samee Nolasco Chris Nolasco Justin McClain Salaiman Ahmadyar Ronnie Parra Rachel Andrade Austin Haggerty Samee Montiel Casey Miller Spike Vance Johnny Crenshaw Miguel Jimenez Erik Hernandez Chris Huerta Carlos Sanchez Dion Paminto

Ryan Mccarthy vs. Chris Huerta
Ryan McCarthy
Chris Huerta
Eric Vance vs. Miguel Jimenez
Eric Vance
Miguel jimenez
Casey Miller vs. Chris Nolasco
Casey Miller
Chris Nolasco
Ryan Coulson vs. Austin Haggerty
Ryan Coulson
Austin Haggerty
Shane Miller vs. Mauricio Blanco
Shane Miller
Mauricio Blanco
Aspen Ladd vs. Jaimelene Nievera
Aspen Ladd
Jaimelene Nievera
Paradise Vaovasa vs. Ronnie Weide
Paradise Vaovasa
Ronnie Weide
Johhny Crenshaw vs. Samuel Nolasco
Johhny Crenshaw
Samuel Nolasco
Luis Rodrigeuz vs. Salaiman Ahmadyar
Luis Rodrigeuz
Salaiman Ahmadyar