Breakthrough MMA 4

Breakthrough MMA 4 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 8, 2012 in Daytona Beach, Florida USA

Breakthrough MMA is back with the most intense fight card ever, with 20 action packed bouts on the card! This event will kick off our 155lb tournament, for the Lightweight Title Belt. Thats right we said it, TOURNAMENT! We have 3 title bouts on the card including Nathaniel "Chinio" Rodriguez (Fight Sports Daytona) vs Sean Baker (the Armory Daytona), to determine who is the undisputed baddest man in Daytona! We also have the highly anticipated rematch with Travis Alexander and the current BMMA welterweight champ Platinum Mike Perry, for the first ever 5 rd amma bout in the area. These two guys have cant stand one another and are looking to make an example of each other! The Bad Blood continues with Justin Swilling wanting revenge against Aaron Anatone for jumping him on the street over an ex girlfriend. Mark Kes looking to make his return to the cage to teach Shawn Gilbert a lesson about being a keyboard warrior. Tommy Oetting Looking to avenge his teammates loss to Dominic "cupcake" Stouder. This event is going to be the most fierce competition BMMA has ever seen with the first phase of 155r's looking to tear through rd one of the tournament bracket and a handful of guys who have personal "Bad Blood" vendetta's against there opponents. For fighters looking to get on the card, models looking to be a BMMA ring girl, and companies looking to advertise there business with the fastest growing sport in the world, go to for info or email


Tyrone Logan vs. Tony Thomas
Tyrone Logan
Tony Thomas
Phillip Rowe vs. Michael Harrell
Phillip Rowe
Michael Harrell
Nathan Key vs. Russell Sweeney
Nathan Key
Russell Sweeney
David Nobrega vs. Junior Garcia
David Nobrega
Junior Garcia
Lee Dawson vs. Josh Marlett
Lee Dawson
Josh Marlett
Eric Vasquez vs. Richard Grindle
Eric Vasquez
Richard Grindle
Eric Peebles vs. Aaron Annatone
Eric Peebles
Aaron Annatone
Tom Oetting vs. Dominic Stouder
Tom Oetting
Dominic Stouder
Mike Perry vs. Travis Alexander  
Mike Perry
Travis Alexander
Kyle Jacobs vs. Justin Brunson
Kyle Jacobs
Justin Brunson
Mark Kes vs. Shawn Gilbert
Mark Kes
Shawn Gilbert
Nick Leblanc vs. Shawne Butler
Nick Leblanc
Shawne Butler
Alex Nicholson vs. Rick Turner  
Alex Nicholson
Rick Turner
Nathaniel Rodriquez vs. Sean Baker  
Nathaniel Rodriquez
Sean Baker