Border Wars 12/12/09

Border Wars 12/12/09 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on December 12, 2009 in Riverton, Wyoming USA

wyoming vs colorado Jon Alexander and eugene coulston ,Matt Mc omie, Andrew Yates vs Orlander Rodriguez ,Jermery Pitt 165lbs ,Doug lemley 205lbs,Joey Martinez 145lbs, Sadie Patton vs stephinie Skinner 125lbs and alot more. The main event will be one YOU don't want to miss,Jon Alexander pro heavy wt fighters vs Ma'afu Fosita .Jon with a lost on his last fight has be working super hard and is ready to jump back in the cage, And so every one what to see what he is made of. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT.

Tanner Roybal vs. Matt Mc Omie  
Tanner Roybal
Matt Mc Omie
Andrew Yates vs. Olando Rodriguez  
Andrew Yates
Olando Rodriguez
Sadie Patton vs. Stephanie Skinner  
Sadie Patton
Stephanie Skinner
Jeremy Howell vs. Cody Haverkamp  
Jeremy Howell
Cody Haverkamp
Jeremy Smith vs. Brandon Kinnamon  
Jeremy Smith
Brandon Kinnamon
Doug Lemley vs. Zack Well  
Doug Lemley
Zack Well
Katt Martinez vs. Kyane Hampton  
katt martinez
Kyane Hampton
Eugene Coulston vs. Dallas Medows  
Eugene Coulston
Dallas Medows
Jeremy Pitt vs. Travis Tulio  
Jeremy Pitt
Travis Tulio
Joey Martinez vs. Andrew Kauppila  
Joey Martinez
Andrew Kauppila
Chris Pitt vs. Aaron Adams  
Chris Pitt
Aaron Adams
Brandon Lafoya vs. Dameon Baker  
Brandon Lafoya
Dameon Baker
Colton Marrows vs. Mike Suttmiller
Colton Marrows
Mike Suttmiller