USFFC 3: Call to Arms

USFFC 3: Call to Arms - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 24, 2012 in Marion, North Carolina USA

Will be limited to 10 ammy bouts with medicals already on file. USFFB Fight Factory is an 11,000 sqft, heated and cooled, training facility that also houses the Swamp Fox Tavern and Special Event Center inside. It will give fighters from all over the country an opportunity to train together in one building. Will sleep up to (12) fighters in the on premises Barracks!

Directions: USFFC 3: Call to Arms will be held in the US Freedom Fighter Brand Fight Factory located at 715 North Main Street, Marion, NC.

Varon Webb vs. Tim Berry  
Varon Webb
Tim Berry
Robert Smith vs. Chad Tyler
Robert Smith
Chad Tyler
Matthew Richardson vs. Nicholas Blackford
Matthew Richardson
Nicholas Blackford
Travis Varner vs. Michael Gallese
Travis Varner
Michael Gallese
Jeremy Davis vs. Austin Arrowood
Jeremy Davis
Austin Arrowood
Logan Perkins vs. Christian Mejia
Logan Perkins
Christian Mejia
Ara Draeger vs. Matthew Heckendorf
Ara Draeger
Matthew Heckendorf