Locked in the Cage 7

Locked in the Cage 7 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on February 11, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Locked in the Cage VII at the National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This event will feature a combination of Amateur and Pro fights with some of the top Mixed Martial Artists on the East Coast. The Main event of the evening is for two belts, the Locked in the Cage Featherweight Championship Belt along with The World Mixed Martial Art Council Featherweight Championship Belt, featuring Brian Jackson vs. Scott Heckman. This belt was recently vacated due to Wilson Reis having a Bellator contract. Tickets start at $40, $65 and $85 and can be purchased at www.lockedinthecage.com! Food and Beer will be sold. Come join us for an action packed night of fights!

Directions: http://philadelphia.citysearch.com/profile/map/41763162/philadelphia_pa/pennsylvania_national_guard_armory.html

Brian Jackson vs. Scott Heckman  
Brian Jackson
Scott Heckman
Azunna Anyanwu vs. Corey Mullis
Azunna Anyanwu
Corey Mullis
Steven Baker vs. Hector Pacheco
Steven Baker
Hector Pacheco
Erik Purcell vs. Lamont Lister
Erik Purcell
Lamont Lister
Albert Alvarez vs. Roy Smith Jr.
Albert Alvarez
Roy Smith Jr.
Noel Arcibal Jr. vs. Matthew Friedeborn
Noel Arcibal Jr.
Matthew Friedeborn
William Miller vs. Adrian Luna
William Miller
Adrian Luna
Nolan Wisser vs. Kyle Nicholson
Nolan Wisser
Kyle Nicholson
Jon-michael Holland vs. Patrick Macke
Jon-Michael Holland
Patrick Macke
Daniel Matala vs. Daniel Carbonel
Daniel Matala
Daniel Carbonel
Ryan Courtney vs. Justin Wagner
Ryan Courtney
Justin Wagner