Fight Lab 15: EpiCentre MMA Cage Fights

Fight Lab 15: EpiCentre MMA Cage Fights - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 11, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Fight Lab Promotions - Middle of Uptown Charlotte at The EpiCentre

Directions: Check out web site under the "directions" tab on the right side...mapquest will get you to The Epicentre which is located off of North Trade Street.

Forrest Brown vs. Norvin Brogdon  
Forrest Brown
Norvin Brogdon
Kenneth Crowder vs. Huiber Garcia- Huerta  
Kenneth Crowder
Huiber Garcia- Huerta
Chris Davis vs. Ryan Houston
Chris Davis
Ryan Houston
Oliver Charles vs. Cody Wilson
Oliver Charles
Cody Wilson
Tony Rogers Jr vs. Josh Cepeda
Tony Rogers Jr
Josh Cepeda
Cody Wells vs. Chris Smith
Cody Wells
Chris Smith