Reilly Bodycomb - No GI Leg Lock Seminar

Reilly Bodycomb - No GI Leg Lock Seminar - Seminar (Smnr) Event on May 4, 2013 in Levittown, New York USA

Reilly Bodycomb will be doing a 2 hour seminar on effective leg locks for the nogi grappling and mixed martial arts environment. here is a highlights clip of Reilly in action: Reilly's competition achievements include winning a gold medal at the 2011 Dutch Sambo Championships, a bronze Medal at the 2012 British Sambo Championships, as well a bronze Medal in the 2010 USA Sambo Championships. He has also won numerous expert level No-Gi grappling tournaments including the 2013 NAGA Houston Grappling Championships and the 2009 NAGA North-East Groundfighting Championships.