Elite Championship Cage Fighting 15 and Hayastan Grappling Challenge State Championships

Elite Championship Cage Fighting 15 and Hayastan Grappling Challenge State Championships - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 19, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Hayastan Grappling Challenge NC State Championship & Elite Championship Cage Fighting 15 will return to Charlotte, NC on March 19, 2011 as Part of the North American Combat Sports Expo(NACSE)! The NACSE showcases a variety of combat sporting events such as MMA, Grappling, Boxing, Karate as well as brings you top clothing and equipment brand venders from all over so you can shop and check out whats new in the combat sport retail world. Visit www.NACombatSports.com for info on other events and venders at the expo. -------THE HAYASTAN GRAPPLING CHALLENGE------- There will be Gi and No-Gi divisions. Custom 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals in all regular divisions. There will be an Absolute championship belt on the line as well as a $500 cash prize. Competitors have the opportunity to compete in up to 3 seperate divisions. Gi, No-Gi, and Champions Absolute. Anyone who takes a 1st place in a standard no-gi division will also have the opportunity to compete in the champions absolute for the absolute champions belt and $500 cash. GO TO www.GrapplingChallenge.com for details. -------ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP CAGE FIGHTING------- There are 15 fights scheduled with a 135lbs title fight as the main event. There will also be a 155lbs number 1 contender fight between Kevin Forant and Chris Smith. More info soon GO TO www.EliteCCF.com for details

Michael Torres vs. Nathan Gulledge
Michael Torres
Nathan Gulledge
Jason Moore vs. Shane Crenshaw
Jason Moore
Shane Crenshaw
Sebastian Wojdak vs. David Emerson
Sebastian Wojdak
David Emerson
Adam Baysingar vs. Joshua Reiman
Adam Baysingar
Joshua Reiman
Calvin Mauldin vs. Cody Wells
Calvin Mauldin
Cody Wells
Brandon Davis vs. Kirk Rogers
Brandon Davis
Kirk Rogers
Herman Mattison vs. Jj Brantley  
Herman Mattison
JJ Brantley
Elvis Cruz vs. Josh Carter
Elvis Cruz
Josh Carter
Nathan Blackburn vs. Stephen Cook
Nathan Blackburn
Stephen Cook
Justin Bonds vs. Latrone Walters
Justin Bonds
Latrone Walters
Freddy Valoy vs. Charlie Winburn
Freddy Valoy
Charlie Winburn
Arthur Barr vs. Michael Alford Jr.
Arthur Barr
Michael Alford Jr.
Brantley Furr vs. Kyle Shano
Brantley Furr
Kyle Shano
Nathan Brachear vs. Kevin Forant
Nathan Brachear
Kevin Forant
Matthew Cheatham vs. Tommy Dibernardo  
Matthew Cheatham
Tommy Dibernardo