MMA Explosion (Amateur)

MMA Explosion (Amateur) - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on January 23, 2011 in El Paso, Texas USA

MMA EXPLOSION (Amateur) will feature a 14-card match set with live entertainment, exciting photo ops, and autograph signings. THE VENUE is listed on the National Historical Register. Our 18-ft ring will be placed on a raised platform in the spacious 7,344 sp.ft. ballroom, which is the most elegant in town crowned by an original Tiffany glass dome complete with crystal chandeliers and unique architectural accents such as wood paneling and floor to ceiling windows.

Directions: Camino Real El Paso is located in downtown, El Paso adjacent to the convention center and performing arts theater. 101 South El Paso Street El Paso, TX 79901-1107 (915) 534-3000

Martin Jr. Sano vs. Justin Nixon  
Martin Jr. Sano
Justin Nixon
Vince Barreda vs. Frankie Rivera
Vince Barreda
Frankie Rivera
Jesse Kocoseri vs. Adam Mcgurk
Jesse Kocoseri
Adam Mcgurk
Joe Rudy Aguirre vs. Steven Cathey
Joe Rudy Aguirre
Steven Cathey
Mitch Brown vs. Marcus Simien
Mitch Brown
Marcus Simien
Juan Garcia vs. Jeremy Latorre
Juan Garcia
Jeremy Latorre
Derek Cranford vs. Antonio Guererro
Derek Cranford
Antonio Guererro