Arena Wars TOTAL KOMBAT Fighting Series

Arena Wars TOTAL KOMBAT Fighting Series - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on July 8, 2017 in Medford, Oregon USA

The Arena Wars Total Kombat Fighting Series on July 8th will feature an entire day of combat action starting with 15 Amateur Boxing matches and 15 EBI rules submission matches in the morning from 10-3. Then in the evening we will have the boxing ring and the cage set up side by side on the Arena floor where we will have 3 Pro Boxing matches and 9 MMA Cage Fights.

Austin Vanderford vs. Adam Fugitt
Austin Vanderford
Adam Fugitt
Tristan Lindi vs. Christopher Sanjose
Tristan Lindi
Christopher SanJose
Derek Rottenberg vs. Brandon Miller  
Derek Rottenberg
Brandon Miller
Richard Carranza vs. Lionel Lim  
Richard Carranza
Lionel Lim
Jordan Kanewa vs. Maria Schlienger
Jordan Kanewa
Maria Schlienger
Douglas Francis vs. Damon Ramos
Douglas Francis
Damon Ramos
Chris Agosto vs. Kyle Moya
Chris Agosto
Kyle Moya
Curtis Fields vs. Asa Carlile
Curtis Fields
Asa Carlile