Arena Wars

Arena Wars is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for December 16, 2017 in Roseburg, Oregon USA

The Arena Wars MMA Cage Fighting Series will be invading the Army National Guard Armory in Roseburg OR. on Dec. 16th.

Aaron Cole vs. Izzy Murillo
Aaron Cole
Izzy Murillo
Greg Slate vs. Sean Talmadge
Greg Slate
Sean Talmadge
Arden Yundt vs. Luke Haack
Arden Yundt
Luke Haack
Anthony Green vs. Anthony Prater
Anthony Green
Anthony Prater
Chris Agosto vs. Yan Kuvaldin  
Chris Agosto
Yan Kuvaldin
Aaron Lopez vs. Koji Bates  
Aaron Lopez
Koji Bates
Cameron Hensley vs. Maximilano Ramirez
Cameron Hensley
Maximilano Ramirez
Aaron Boatright vs. Samuel Crawford
Aaron Boatright
Samuel Crawford
Exie Benitez vs. Leroy Santos
Exie Benitez
Leroy Santos
Tony Lopez vs. Alex Lopez
Tony Lopez
Alex Lopez