Back in the Barn 8

Back in the Barn 8 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on May 19, 2017 in Boone, Iowa USA

14 fights. 2 title fights. Girl fight

Jake Hanson vs. Cody Gardner
Jake Hanson
Cody Gardner
Tiyler Dille vs. Ben Wescott
Tiyler Dille
Ben Wescott
Clayton Bird vs. Shawn Sowder
Clayton Bird
Shawn Sowder
Steven Behlers vs. Justis Yost
Steven Behlers
Justis Yost
Jessy Ebrecht vs. Donald Poss
Jessy Ebrecht
Donald Poss
Christian Rodgers vs. Logan Graham
Christian Rodgers
Logan Graham
Mikey Sowder vs. Izzy Heredia
Mikey Sowder
Izzy Heredia
Bryce Eubanks vs. Anthony Arbuckle
Bryce Eubanks
Anthony Arbuckle
Dakota Keiper vs. Joe Batey
Dakota Keiper
Joe Batey
Mercedes White vs. Donna Wonders
Mercedes White
Donna Wonders
Tyree Millsap vs. Jesse Luther
Tyree Millsap
Jesse Luther
Josh Kristensen vs. Cody Sheehy  
Josh Kristensen
Cody Sheehy
Tim Garrett vs. Cody Simons
Tim Garrett
Cody Simons