Birth of the Ogitchidaa

Birth of the Ogitchidaa is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for March 31, 2018 in Ashland, Wisconsin USA

Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions beginning of the Mixed Martial Arts tournament! Three eight (8) man brackets, winners move on to semi-final fight June 30, 2018! 155/170/265 Buy tickets on the Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions facebook page. or go to and purchase your tickets now!!!

Keith Mattson vs. Joshua Rude
Keith Mattson
Joshua Rude
Obizaan Morrow vs. Noah Hawkins
Obizaan Morrow
Noah Hawkins
Hudson Ramirez vs. Forrest Isham
Hudson Ramirez
Forrest Isham
Davin Staples vs. Dave Vang
Davin Staples
Dave Vang
Will Ashmun vs. Keefer Bender
Will Ashmun
Josh Page vs. Tristin Canada
Josh Page
Tristin Canada
Austin Craun vs. Kaleb Leonard
Austin Craun
Kaleb Leonard
Dillon Doty vs. Tanner Else
Dillon Doty
Tanner Else
Matthew Schellinger vs. Nicholas Rahn
Matthew Schellinger
Nicholas Rahn
Brandon Basina vs. Ethan Rowan
Brandon Basina
Ethan Rowan
Ryan Williams vs. Mitchell Conner
Ryan Williams
Mitchell Conner
Peter Keepers vs. Cory Magnuson
Peter Keepers
Cory Magnuson