Cage Wars 32 High Voltage

Cage Wars 32 High Voltage - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 21, 2018 in Grand Junction, Colorado USA

Golden Fights presents Cage Wars 32 "High Voltage" Live Mixed Martial Arts featuring "TEAM HORN" Justus Fruit Ninja Minardi vs "TEAM DIAZ" Tony Diaz Two legendary Gyms with legendary coaches face off in the Main Event . Justus Minardi Jeremy Horn prodigy takes on Tony Diaz under coaching from his cousins Nick and Nate Diaz. The Co Main is Andrew Yates vs Sergio Lopez in a MMA Bout. The Card is stacked from top to Bottom with Local talent taking on fighter from across the United States. 12 Fights 3 women fights all MMA.

Tony Diaz vs. Justus Minardi  
Tony Diaz
Justus Minardi
Andrew Yates vs. Sergio Lopez
Andrew Yates
Sergio Lopez
Daniel Rosales vs. Isaiah Reyez
Daniel Rosales
Isaiah Reyez
Jerry Targett vs. Pancho Meraz  
Jerry Targett
Pancho Meraz
Donovan Logan vs. Roberto Cortez
Donovan Logan
Roberto Cortez
Linda Vandehey vs. Tabitha Trevino
Linda Vandehey
Tabitha Trevino
Josh Richardson vs. John Brown
Josh Richardson
John Brown
Zyan Urrutia vs. Victor Longona
Zyan Urrutia
Victor Longona
Deauntae Holmes vs. Zachariah Fleck
Deauntae Holmes
zachariah fleck
Samuel Bellew vs. Donovan Reyna
Samuel Bellew
Donovan Reyna
Anna Russell vs. Kanishea Verna
Anna Russell
Kanishea Verna