Evolution Sports Expo 04/14/18

Evolution Sports Expo 04/14/18 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 14, 2018 in Santa Clara, California USA

The Evolution Sports Expo is the premier athlete driven expo in California. Featuring all of today's elite fitness and martial arts disciplines, showcasing the nations top athletes in over 30 tournaments and competitions. The Evolution Sports Expo is held at the most prestigious venues throughout California including the San Jose, Santa Clara, and San Diego Convention Center as well as other great locations. In addition to the tournaments and competitions our expos feature 100 plus vendors, celebrities, free seminars with industry leaders and the most diverse platform for your company to gain maximum market share.

Elshell Bertus vs. Temuujin Ulzii-orshikh
Elshell Bertus
Temuujin Ulzii-Orshikh
Gabriel Juarez vs. William Fessaha
Gabriel Juarez
William Fessaha
Robert Graham vs. Yahya Saad
Robert Graham
Yahya Saad
Jordan Fernandez vs. Joey Kuhfeld
Jordan Fernandez
Joey Kuhfeld
Mike Howard vs. Erin Hunter
Mike Howard
Erin Hunter
Gary Helm vs. Richard Wilson
Gary Helm
Richard Wilson
Steven Tandoi vs. Brady Rivera
Steven Tandoi
Brady Rivera
Mckenna Mitchell vs. Veronica Mendoza
McKenna Mitchell
Veronica Mendoza