Extreme Challenge 237

Extreme Challenge 237 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for June 30, 2018 in Clinton, Iowa USA

Hometown fighter Jeff Jepsen (3-0) looks to remain unbeaten as he takes on Chicago's Kanat Tassybay (1-1-1) at Extreme Challenge 237 at the Wild Rose Casino. The all-ages event starts at 7:30 pm with doors open at 6:30 pm

Damarcus Johnson vs. Jeremy Ruderman
Damarcus Johnson
Jeremy Ruderman
Tyler Musselman vs. Adam Caviness
Tyler Musselman
Adam Caviness
Chad Redmann vs. Justin Rettkowski
Chad Redmann
Justin Rettkowski
Victor Greutman vs. Tbd
Victor Greutman
Brynn Heathcock vs. Tbd
Brynn Heathcock
Kendall Gibbs vs. Jordan Gagne
Kendall Gibbs
Jordan Gagne
Damian Hall vs. Beau Samaniego
Damian Hall
Beau Samaniego
Jt Brown vs. Ross Hughes
JT Brown
Ross Hughes
Daron Reddick vs. Dylan Schoenfeld
Daron Reddick
Dylan Schoenfeld
Schuyler Lindsay vs. Riley Chapman
Schuyler Lindsay
Riley Chapman
Devin Laseter vs. Joe Bentalha
Devin Laseter
Joe Bentalha
Christopher Johnson vs. Jeff Jepsen
Christopher Johnson
Jeff Jepsen