Fight Lab 56: MMA Cage Fights @ CenterStage@NoDa

Fight Lab 56: MMA Cage Fights @ CenterStage@NoDa is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for September 23, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Fight Lab MMA - Based in Charlotte - Saturday September 23, back to NoDa about 10 mins from Uptown Charlotte for a night of live mixed martial arts cage fights !!

Directions: Sorry...use your smartphone...or if you are still using a flip phone we can't help you.

Noe Quintanilla vs. Kevin Forant
Noe Quintanilla
Kevin Forant
Shelton Sales vs. Brian Karmolinski
Shelton Sales
Brian Karmolinski
Craig Yerkey vs. Trey Singleton
Craig Yerkey
Trey Singleton
Matthew Fleming vs. Alexander Estep
Matthew Fleming
Alexander Estep
Truckon Carson vs. Chase Nichols
Truckon Carson
Chase Nichols
William Coggin vs. Jake Adee
William Coggin
Jake Adee
Mario Morales vs. Jose Aponte
Mario Morales
Jose Aponte
Bryant Bullock vs. Billy Alexander
Bryant Bullock
Billy Alexander
John Ryan vs. Joshua Oxendine
John Ryan
Joshua Oxendine