Honor Fighting Championship 2

Honor Fighting Championship 2 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for January 27, 2018 in Akron, Ohio USA

HONOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP is the NEWEST and most RAPID GROWING promotion in Ohio. Promoter Jeremy Caudill has brought together a experienced Professional staff to create a platform for fighters to showcase their talents. On Jan. 27, 2018 HONOR FC is back in Akron and set for another action packed show at The Chapparells Event Center. The Event will be a Pro/Am show, if you are a fighter please check out our facebook or contact our Matchmaker Scott Corbin on facebook. Here is a link to help guide you to Scotts facebook page https://www.facebook.com/scott.corbin.54. "BRINGING HONOR TO THE FIGHT"

Isaiah Chapman vs. Blaine Shutt  
Isaiah Chapman
Blaine Shutt
Andrew Law vs. Mickey Marsack
Andrew Law
Mickey Marsack
Nicholas Brashear vs. Ian Suttles
Nicholas Brashear
Ian Suttles
Jamaal Mcclain vs. Chris Fattig
Jamaal McClain
Chris Fattig
Braden Liggett vs. Dornes Butler
Braden Liggett
Dornes Butler
Jason Mullen vs. William Ferguson
Jason Mullen
William Ferguson
Jordan Beverly vs. Lionel Woods
Jordan Beverly
Lionel Woods
Ben Meese vs. Khristian Suthers
Ben Meese
Khristian Suthers
Alec Price vs. Michael Addo
Alec Price
Michael Addo
Nolan Stahl vs. Paul Freeland
Nolan Stahl
Paul Freeland