King of the Cage: Highlight Reel

King of the Cage: Highlight Reel is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for June 10, 2018 in Ontario, California USA

Victor Rivera vs. Andrew Freelove
Victor Rivera
Andrew Freelove
Noah Christy vs. Seth Davis
Noah Christy
Seth Davis
Jonathan Salazar vs. Gabriel De Santiago
Jonathan Salazar
Gabriel De Santiago
Johnny Robles vs. Antonio Gonzalez
Johnny Robles
Antonio Gonzalez
Asa Carraway vs. Tyler Beneke  
Asa Carraway
Tyler Beneke
Matthew Gomez vs. Richie Palomino
Matthew Gomez
Richie Palomino
Dennis Fisher Jr vs. Eddie Lopez Iii
Dennis Fisher Jr
Eddie Lopez III
Cole Bates vs. Jonathan Rivera
Cole Bates
Jonathan Rivera
Dave Terrel vs. Daniel Hernandez
Dave Terrel
Daniel Hernandez
Kai Kamaka vs. Anthony Jimenez
Kai Kamaka
Anthony Jimenez
Armando Murillo vs. Jonathan Noriega
Armando Murillo
Jonathan Noriega
Edson Gomez vs. Ricardo Flemate
Edson Gomez
Ricardo Flemate
Albert Veloz vs. Dustin Joseph Codispoti
Albert Veloz
Dustin Joseph Codispoti
Jose Aparicio vs. Jose Medina
Jose Aparicio
Jose Medina
Mark Matsumoto vs. Lance Lee
Mark Matsumoto
Lance Lee
Adel Kyokushin vs. Juan Beltran
Adel Kyokushin
Juan Beltran
Cynthia Arceo vs. Tbd  
Cynthia Arceo