King of the Cage: Never Quit

King of the Cage: Never Quit is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for September 2, 2017 in Ontario, California USA

Rene Valdez vs. Tbd
Rene Valdez
Michael Siala vs. Samuelray Barrera
Michael Siala
Samuelray Barrera
Dean Parker vs. Isaac Henriquez
Dean Parker
Isaac Henriquez
Rogelio Reyes vs. Jean-paul Lebosnoyani
Rogelio Reyes
Jean-Paul Lebosnoyani
Jose Aparicio vs. Isaiah Culpepper
Jose Aparicio
Isaiah Culpepper
Karolis Buslys vs. Tbd
Karolis Buslys
Ricardo Flemate vs. Tbd
Ricardo Flemate
Jalin Turner vs. Vytautas Sadauskas
Jalin Turner
Vytautas Sadauskas
John Potter vs. Sean Johnson
John Potter
Sean Johnson
Altair Alencar vs. Andre Ewell
Altair Alencar
Andre Ewell
Erson Yamamoto vs. Tbd
Erson Yamamoto
Daniel Hernandez vs. Tbd
Daniel Hernandez
Victor Rosas vs. Michael Reyes
Victor Rosas
Michael Reyes
Matt Lagler vs. Marcos Gonzalez
Matt Lagler
Marcos Gonzalez
Johnny Munoz Jr vs. Tbd
Johnny Munoz Jr
Ryan Fillingame vs. Bruno Souza
Ryan Fillingame
Bruno Souza
Cynthia Arceo vs. Cassie Robb
Cynthia Arceo
Cassie Robb
Adel Altamimi vs. Juan Archuleta  
Adel Altamimi
Juan Archuleta