King of the Cage: Quick Draw

King of the Cage: Quick Draw - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 17, 2017 in Fort Hall, Idaho USA

Kerry Lattimer vs. Scotty Thometz
Kerry Lattimer
Scotty Thometz
Casey Johnson vs. Bobby Sanchez
Casey Johnson
Bobby Sanchez
Ryan Wagner vs. Luis Cortez
Ryan Wagner
Luis Cortez
Vince Morales vs. Rowdy Akers
Vince Morales
Rowdy Akers
Vinnie Fricilone vs. Andrew Cruz
Vinnie Fricilone
Andrew Cruz
Dustin Jones vs. Frederick Powell
Dustin Jones
Frederick Powell
Stephanie Hernandez vs. Dana Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez
Dana Hernandez
Angel Valenzuela vs. Chris Hunt
Angel Valenzuela
Chris Hunt
Aaron Jennings vs. Kyle Aslami
Aaron Jennings
Kyle Aslami
Taylor Rogers vs. Tbd
Taylor Rogers
Oris Martinez vs. Matt Holden
Oris Martinez
Matt Holden