New England Fights 28

New England Fights 28 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 29, 2017 in Lewiston, Maine USA

Ryan Sanders vs. Jonathan Lemke  
Ryan Sanders
Jonathan Lemke
Tollison Lewis vs. Dominic Jones
Tollison Lewis
Dominic Jones
Joshua Harvey vs. Derek Shorey
Joshua Harvey
Derek Shorey
Josh Parker vs. Matt Denning
Josh Parker
Matt Denning
The Finisher vs. Walter Smith - Cotito
The Finisher
Walter Smith - Cotito
Sean Worcester vs. Josh Jones
Sean Worcester
Josh Jones
Mason Travers vs. Nigel Moye
Mason Travers
Nigel Moye
Glenn Kasabian vs. Jacob Deppmeyer
Glenn Kasabian
Jacob Deppmeyer
Caleb Austin vs. James Ploss
Caleb Austin
James Ploss