OFC 121: Controlled Chaos

OFC 121: Controlled Chaos - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on September 30, 2017 in Columbus, Nebraska USA

Interested in competing in an Omaha Fight Club Event please send an email or text with the following information Full Name Age Date of Birth Walking Weight Desired Fight Weight Am Record Pro Record Style/Experience Gym/Coach City, St Phone Number Amateur fighters will need Current Bloodwork dated after July 1, 2017 Pro Fighters will need current Bloodwork and Physical with eye exam dated after July 1, 2017 *Bloodwork consists of HIV, Hept B and Hept C

Anthony Nelson vs. Justice Bridgeford
Anthony Nelson
Justice Bridgeford
Aaron Svenson vs. Jeremy Loft
Aaron Svenson
Jeremy Loft
Colton Robinson vs. Justin Middleton
Colton Robinson
Justin Middleton
Jon Buettner vs. David Bykrek
Jon Buettner
David Bykrek
Zedekiah White vs. Douglas Mauricio
Zedekiah White
Douglas Mauricio
Joshua Renshaw vs. Bryon January
Joshua Renshaw
Bryon January
Levi Casey vs. Robert Light
Levi Casey
Robert Light
Jeff Colanino vs. Tony Olvera
Jeff Colanino
Tony Olvera
Brandon Meyer vs. Nick Norris
Brandon Meyer
Nick Norris