Rage in the Cage 58

Rage in the Cage 58 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for April 27, 2018 in Hinton, Oklahoma USA

Bradley Faylor vs. Vernon Bryan Mcvea  
Bradley Faylor
Vernon Bryan McVea
Brandon Lee vs. Jeremy Thurman
Brandon Lee
Jeremy Thurman
Johnny Brooks vs. Shaun Poe
Johnny Brooks
Shaun Poe
Keith Espinosa vs. Tedrick Macklin  
Keith Espinosa
Tedrick Macklin
Benjamin Meeks vs. Christian Edwards  
Benjamin Meeks
Christian Edwards
Zachary Bradshaw vs. Christopher Jack-atwood
Zachary Bradshaw
Christopher Jack-Atwood
William Hamilton vs. Cheyenne Deatherage
William Hamilton
Cheyenne Deatherage
Trent Dalton vs. Blake Morton
Trent Dalton
Blake Morton
Dalton Boyde vs. Ras Mcadams
Dalton Boyde
Ras McAdams
Donnie Beard vs. Joe Garcia
Donnie Beard
Joe Garcia
Tyson Southern vs. Donald Scott
Tyson Southern
Donald Scott
Rudee Beard vs. Robert Storkson
Rudee Beard
Robert Storkson
Danny Kraft vs. Travis Thiesson
Danny Kraft
Travis Thiesson
Brandon Benevento vs. Josh Soto
Brandon Benevento
Josh Soto
Myron Reeves vs. Donte Mckenzie
Myron Reeves
Donte McKenzie
Dj Craddock vs. Taylor Strader
DJ Craddock
Taylor Strader
Dason Hicks vs. Alan Brito
Dason Hicks
Alan Brito