Rogue Promotions Arena Wars

Rogue Promotions Arena Wars is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for March 24, 2018 in Klamath Falls, Oregon USA

The Arena Wars MMA Cage Fighting Series is back at the Klamath County Fairgrounds Saturday Mar. 24th.

Tass Croy vs. Jj Graves
Tass Croy
JJ Graves
Justin Howard vs. Cameron Hensley
Justin Howard
Cameron Hensley
Janen Dean vs. David Vidal
Janen Dean
David Vidal
Hunter Wilson vs. Ludo Scott
Hunter Wilson
Ludo Scott
Aaron Boatright vs. Izzy Murillo
Aaron Boatright
Izzy Murillo
Shane Loud vs. Dustin Drenon
Shane Loud
Dustin Drenon
Greg Slate vs. Kc Croy
Greg Slate
KC Croy
Carol Howard vs. Charlie Wright
Carol Howard
Charlie Wright
Nathan Monaco vs. John Beale
Nathan Monaco
John Beale
Chad Butler vs. Omar Godinez
Chad Butler
Omar Godinez
Benjamin Buehler vs. Chase Gildea
Benjamin Buehler
Chase Gildea
Gene Cairo vs. Sean Talmadge
Gene Cairo
Sean Talmadge
Cody Hildebrant vs. Al Daniels
Cody Hildebrant
Al Daniels
Ryan Koscinski vs. Cody Westphal
Ryan Koscinski
Cody Westphal
Luke Haack vs. Aaron Lopez
Luke Haack
Aaron Lopez