Rumble @ The Roseland 97

Rumble @ The Roseland 97 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for April 14, 2018 in Portland, Oregon USA

Keaneo Moyer vs. Sage Farnworth  
Keaneo Moyer
Sage Farnworth
Riley Timmons vs. Jordan Kanewa  
Riley Timmons
Jordan Kanewa
Raymond Hill vs. Alex Aguilar  
Raymond Hill
Alex Aguilar
Angel Espino vs. Chance Marsteiner  
Angel Espino
Chance Marsteiner
Tunde Arigbon vs. Dj Nuttall
Tunde Arigbon
DJ Nuttall
Jordan Teraza vs. Nick Aydelotte
Jordan Teraza
Nick Aydelotte
Matt Depa vs. David Converse
Matt Depa
David Converse
Phillip Splawn vs. Peter Lovincey
Phillip Splawn
Peter Lovincey
Alexander Youngbauer vs. Aaron Rodriguez
Alexander Youngbauer
Aaron Rodriguez
Alicia Gomness vs. Loren Sims
Alicia Gomness
Loren Sims
Sam Angelo Sison vs. Noah Sanders
Sam Angelo Sison
Noah Sanders
Kellen Littlejohn vs. Jeremy Breedlove
Kellen Littlejohn
Jeremy Breedlove
Luke Haack vs. Nathan Smith
Luke Haack
Nathan Smith
Jesse Castaneda vs. Johnson Chanthabouasy
Jesse Castaneda
Johnson Chanthabouasy