Rumble @ The Roseland 98

Rumble @ The Roseland 98 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for June 9, 2018 in Portland, Oregon USA

David Converse vs. Keaneo Moyer  
David Converse
Keaneo Moyer
Anthony Green vs. Anthony Prater
Anthony Green
Anthony Prater
Matt Russo vs. Tunde Arigbon
Matt Russo
Tunde Arigbon
Aaron Harvey vs. Peter Lovincey
Aaron Harvey
Peter Lovincey
Quetzal Bustos vs. Alex Castaneda
Quetzal Bustos
Alex Castaneda
Patrick Yun vs. Andrew Pace
Patrick Yun
Andrew Pace
Roi Cho vs. Brian Sunderman
Roi Cho
Brian Sunderman
Dallas Galan vs. Giles Smikle
Dallas Galan
Giles Smikle
Brytton Williams vs. Jeamel Lopez
Brytton Williams
Jeamel Lopez
Lawrence Phanomsack vs. Cesar Zarate
Lawrence Phanomsack
Cesar Zarate
Eduardo Torres vs. Yan Kuvaldin  
Eduardo Torres
Yan Kuvaldin
Chris Doodnath vs. Taylor Kautz
Chris Doodnath
Taylor Kautz
Jordan Anderson vs. Austin Allen
Jordan Anderson
Austin Allen
Josh Rutherford vs. Colton Miller
Josh Rutherford
Colton Miller
Lorren Dullum vs. Faith Davis
Lorren Dullum
Faith Davis
Musio Chavez vs. Nick Aydelotte
Musio Chavez
Nick Aydelotte
Jantz Bullock vs. Aaron Bowles
Jantz Bullock
Aaron Bowles
Ivo Wallace vs. Max Garrison
Ivo Wallace
Max Garrison