Rumble By The River 3

Rumble By The River 3 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for May 5, 2018 in Paducah, Kentucky USA

doors open at 6pm. show stars at 7pm. ticket info:2705562692


William Caylor Jr. vs. Brandon Wren  
William Caylor Jr.
Brandon Wren
Eddie Tabor vs. Teddy Clark
Eddie Tabor
Teddy Clark
Zachary Ort vs. Craig Archey  
Zachary Ort
Craig Archey
Cody Chessor vs. Tommy Scrivner
Cody Chessor
Tommy Scrivner
Shamar Perez vs. Cameron Taylor  
Shamar Perez
Cameron Taylor
Marquis Thompson vs. Antonio Burnett
Marquis Thompson
Antonio Burnett
Steven Gagnon vs. Brannon Lawson
Steven Gagnon
brannon lawson
Adam Steward vs. Tbd
Adam Steward