SteelFist Fight Night 51

SteelFist Fight Night 51 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for July 28, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Alabama USA

SFFN 51 features up to 15 MMA Bouts ! From Amateur to Professional and male & female competitors . Join us for an action packed night of all MMA!

Directions: Riverbend Sports Complex located in SALT LAKE CITY off redwood road ! 1085 Winding River Cv SLC 84104

Lester Agular vs. Erich Mundt
Lester Agular
Erich Mundt
Jordan Taylor vs. Justin Vialpando
Jordan Taylor
Justin Vialpando
Anthony Pallante vs. Hector Lopez
Anthony Pallante
Hector Lopez
Brian Johns vs. Andy Black
Brian Johns
Andy Black
Christian Holbert vs. Zephaniah Na'oupu
Christian Holbert
Zephaniah Na'Oupu
Cory Rose vs. Matt Unruh
Cory Rose
Matt Unruh
Ului Pupunu vs. Tyler Roche
Ului Pupunu
Tyler Roche
Jon Wixom vs. Marco Sanchez
Jon Wixom
Marco Sanchez
Loren Sua vs. Curt Leifson
Loren Sua
Curt Leifson
Catherine Myers vs. Lauren Chidester
Catherine Myers
Lauren Chidester
Ranu Meah vs. Kent Mafileo
Ranu Meah
Kent Mafileo
Ben Moa vs. Trevor Kuresa
Ben Moa
Trevor Kuresa
Troy Dennison vs. A J Garcia
Troy Dennison
A J Garcia
Tj Mitchell vs. Michael O'laskey  
TJ Mitchell
Michael O'Laskey
Carson Gregory vs. Jeff Roman
Carson Gregory
Jeff Roman