SteelFist Fight Night 52 "DEFEND YOUR HONOR"

SteelFist Fight Night 52 "DEFEND YOUR HONOR" is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for September 16, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah USA

We are back at in Salt Lake City Utah SFFN 52 "DEFEND YOUR HONOR" An all ages welcome Event Fans can expect up to 15 MMA bouts with all levels of competition from seasoned professionals to beginning amateurs ! Buckle up for an action packed, hard hitting, heart pounding night of MMA!

Directions: Riverbend Sports Complex 1085 Winding River Cove W, Salt Lake City UT 84104

Jerold Shapiro vs. Jai Santos  
Jerold Shapiro
Jai Santos
Rowdy Akers vs. John Valentine
Rowdy Akers
John Valentine
William Dunkle vs. Josh Bateman
William Dunkle
Josh Bateman
Daniel Arellano vs. Jordan Marshall  
Daniel Arellano
Jordan Marshall
Jon Wixom vs. Tracy Hardy
Jon Wixom
Tracy Hardy
Julian Ruiz vs. Gavin Westin
Julian Ruiz
Gavin Westin
Rico Valdez vs. Andrew Cluff
Rico Valdez
Andrew Cluff
Morgun Colledge vs. Kaden Schick
Morgun Colledge
Kaden Schick
Justin Horsely vs. Cory Rose
Justin Horsely
Cory Rose
Braxton Mcbride vs. Clayton Abrams
Braxton McBride
Clayton Abrams
Christian Gilford vs. Jayden Marshall
Christian Gilford
Jayden Marshall
Hayden Brown vs. Brian Reed
Hayden Brown
Brian Reed
Zephaniah Na'oupu vs. Thomas Harper
Zephaniah Na'Oupu
Thomas Harper
Jeffry Isham vs. Matt Marshall
Jeffry Isham
Matt Marshall
Zeke Latu vs. Tbd
Zeke Latu