SteelFist Fight Night 56

SteelFist Fight Night 56 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for February 24, 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Steelfist Fight Night 56 Returns to The Rail Event Center in Salt Lake City (Now The Union Event Center) for an epic all ages welcome event! For tickets and information visit

Directions: Located in Salt Lake City at 235 N. 500 W. SLC, UT 84116 Paid secure parking located behind Diamond Mattress

Cody Bunderson vs. Fabio Serrao
Cody Bunderson
Fabio Serrao
Trever Bradshaw vs. Pedro Artal
Trever Bradshaw
Pedro Artal
Tyson Cowan vs. Jared Toothaker
Tyson Cowan
Jared Toothaker
Kent Mafileo vs. Emaun Greagor
Kent Mafileo
Emaun Greagor
Tracy Hardy vs. Zephaniah Na'oupu
Tracy Hardy
Zephaniah Na'Oupu
Elias Landau vs. Preston Black
Elias Landau
Preston Black
Alie Garcia vs. Stephanie Pernillo
Alie Garcia
Stephanie Pernillo
Jordan Marshall vs. Rip Ripley
Jordan Marshall
Rip Ripley
Michelle Daley vs. Maddie Parke
Michelle Daley
Maddie Parke
Hayden Brown vs. Dallas Howard
Hayden Brown
Dallas Howard
Robby Miner vs. Clayton Abrams
Robby Miner
Clayton Abrams
Brittany Guillemin vs. Lupita Patino
Brittany Guillemin
Lupita Patino
Jayden Marshall vs. Brandon Lemings
Jayden Marshall
Brandon Lemings
Mckay Diamond vs. Christian Gilford
McKay Diamond
Christian Gilford
Gage Street vs. River Gruber
Gage Street
River Gruber