SteelFist Fight Night "FIFTY"

SteelFist Fight Night "FIFTY" is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for June 23, 2017 in Salt. Lake City, Utah USA

SFFN "FIFTY" Utahs premier all MMA show returns 6/23/17 this is an all ages welcome MMA cage fighting event located in SLC Utah . Fans can expect approx 15 MMA bouts with both male & female amateur & professional competitors. Get tickets via

Directions: Riverbend Sports Complex is easily located in SLC just off of Redwood Rd. 1085 Winding River Cv Salt Lake City Utah 84104

Lj Schulz vs. Anthony Miller  
LJ Schulz
Anthony Miller
Steve Chan vs. Miles Welk
Steve Chan
Miles Welk
David Maggio vs. Ryder Campo  
David Maggio
Ryder Campo
Kaden Westin vs. Ben Guymon
Kaden Westin
Ben Guymon
Gavin Westin vs. Bobby Simpson
Gavin Westin
Bobby Simpson
Zac Cavender vs. Cole Shafer  
Zac Cavender
Cole Shafer
Cory Rose vs. Matt Unruh
Cory Rose
Matt Unruh
Ahmed Kareem vs. Clayton Abrams
Ahmed Kareem
Clayton Abrams
Preston Black vs. Lehi Dominguez
Preston Black
Lehi Dominguez
Joe Hackford vs. Spencer Olson
Joe Hackford
Spencer Olson
Kingszlee Tabile vs. Danny Soriano
Kingszlee Tabile
Danny Soriano
Jayden Marshall vs. Michael Eastwood
Jayden Marshall
Michael Eastwood
Rip Ripley vs. Brandon Knox
Rip Ripley
Brandon Knox
Lupita Patino vs. Alexandria Whitlock
Lupita Patino
Alexandria Whitlock
Andrew Cluff vs. Quade Nichols
Andrew Cluff
Quade Nichols