Sugar Creek Showdown SCS # 34

Sugar Creek Showdown SCS # 34 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for February 3, 2018 in Hintom, Oklahoma USA

15 Scheduled Pro and Amateur fights regulated by Wichita Sports Commission and recognized by the ABC. All fights recorded and official. Blood work is required.

Directions: Sugar Creek Event Center I-40 exit # 101 - 45 minutes west of OKC.

Manny Muro vs. David Putvin  
Manny Muro
David Putvin
Jamie Thorton vs. Morgan Solis  
Jamie Thorton
Morgan Solis
Richard Lashar vs. Matthew Shefferd
Richard Lashar
Matthew Shefferd
Oliver Poloa vs. Tbd  
Oliver Poloa
Marcel Caldwell vs. Jonathan Macomb
Marcel Caldwell
Jonathan Macomb
Joseph Byington vs. Timothy Christopher
Joseph Byington
Timothy Christopher
War Mothershed vs. Dylan Sterling
War Mothershed
Dylan Sterling
Nathan Ryan vs. Speedy Amaya  
Nathan Ryan
Speedy Amaya
Janyth Glendening vs. Brooke Andrus
Janyth Glendening
Brooke Andrus
James Sutton vs. Jonathan Gibson
James Sutton
Jonathan Gibson
Tanner Botts vs. Weston Johnson
Tanner Botts
Weston Johnson
Taylor Strader vs. Jerigan Newell
Taylor Strader
Jerigan Newell
Carl Anthony vs. Tbd
Carl Anthony
Elijah Jackson vs. Dustin Lyday
Elijah Jackson
Dustin Lyday
Daniel Bryant vs. Christopher Mcelroy
Daniel Bryant
Christopher McElroy
Edgar Cruz vs. Tbd
Edgar Cruz
Lupe Juarez vs. Kyle Gibson
Lupe Juarez
Kyle Gibson
Jordan Hall vs. Josh Islas
Jordan Hall
Josh Islas
Eduardo Aguirre vs. Terry Martin
Eduardo Aguirre
Terry Martin