Titans of the Cage 17

Titans of the Cage 17 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on July 16, 2016 in Independence, Virginia USA

Titans of the Cage, LLC Grayson County, VA Athletic Department presents July 16, 2016 | Grayson High School | Independence, VA Southwest Virginia Amateur MMA | Virginia Boxing and Wrestling | United Combat Arts, LLC Titans of the Cage #17 is coming with a line-up of fights that amateur MMA fans throughout the area will not soon forget!! This event is sponsored by and will benefit the Grayson County High School Althletic Department. Grayson High School in Independence, VA will be where it all will go down!! This fight card will be loaded with exciting match-ups with some of the best amateur fighters in the state going head to head. TOC is set to prove 2016 the most exciting year yet, so come prepared to witness the finest amateur mixed martial arts action, as the areas top fighters put their skills to the test inside our cage…….TOC style! Four (4) big Championship bouts will be at stake on this night, so make plans now to be there. This is one you will NOT want to miss!! Doors will open at 4:00 P.M. Main card will get underway at 5:00 P.M. For Advanced Tickets and additional information please visit ? www.titansofthecage.com

Philip Oda vs. Brian Boles
Philip Oda
Brian Boles
Darnell Guyton vs. Christopher Mayberry
Darnell Guyton
Christopher Mayberry
Tyler Lester vs. Stacy Dalton
Tyler Lester
Stacy Dalton
Casey Lester vs. Joshua Billings
Casey Lester
Joshua Billings
Brandon Perkins vs. Logan Hurley
Brandon Perkins
Logan Hurley
Christopher Hamlett vs. Keith Goines  
Christopher Hamlett
Keith Goines
Isaiah Thompson vs. Antwon Curtis
Isaiah Thompson
Antwon Curtis
Shawn Rivera vs. Tyler Kelchner
Shawn Rivera
Tyler Kelchner
Jeromy Mithcell vs. Ray Holston
Jeromy Mithcell
Ray Holston
Demetrius Dye vs. Garrett Fosdyck  
Demetrius Dye
Garrett Fosdyck
Kathy Hatfield vs. Samantha Testerman
Kathy Hatfield
Samantha Testerman
Michael Warner vs. Wesley Pennington
Michael Warner
Wesley Pennington
Mason Hamer vs. Casey Conway
Mason Hamer
Casey Conway
Kyle Rodriguez vs. K.c. Cockran
Kyle Rodriguez
K.C. Cockran
Joshua Cook vs. Ron Vance
Joshua Cook
Ron Vance
Luke Malchano vs. Tony Warnke
Luke Malchano
Tony Warnke
Sam Warren vs. Ayron Davis
Sam Warren
Ayron Davis
Nick Beal vs. James Settle  
Nick Beal
James Settle
Jeremy Caviness vs. Austin Cooper  
Jeremy Caviness
Austin Cooper