VFW Fight Night: Under Siege

VFW Fight Night: Under Siege - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on August 12, 2017 in Bristol, Tennessee USA

Mixed Martial Arts returns to Bristol August 12 VFW Fight Night.. An official event of the MMA Road Warrior Tour!!

Christina Ricker vs. Whittany Pyles
Christina Ricker
Whittany Pyles
Christian Caudill vs. Chris Buttry
Christian Caudill
Chris Buttry
Matthew Dotson vs. Stone Beverly
Matthew Dotson
Stone Beverly
Aaron Milloway vs. Da'qaune Sutton
Aaron Milloway
Da'Qaune Sutton
Garrett Fosdyck vs. Tbd
Garrett Fosdyck
Sammy Hester vs. Patrick Johnson
Sammy Hester
Patrick Johnson
Chris Courtner vs. Tanner Perry
Chris Courtner
Tanner Perry
Chase Olsen vs. Ej Hunt
Chase Olsen
Ej Hunt
Paul Occhino vs. Paco Merris
Paul Occhino
Paco Merris
Jordan Dodd vs. Greg Hopkins
Jordan Dodd
Greg Hopkins
Jonathan Blackwell vs. Austin Cox
Jonathan Blackwell
Austin Cox
Roger Artrip vs. James Cody
Roger Artrip
James Cody
Gunner Moore vs. Jake Ison
Gunner Moore
Jake Ison
Eli Gawthorp vs. Dustin Johnson
Eli Gawthorp
Dustin Johnson
Caleb Lankford vs. Jason Chavis
Caleb Lankford
Jason Chavis