WXC 68 Nemesis

WXC 68 Nemesis - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 28, 2017 in Ypsilanti, Michigan USA

Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting Proudly Presents; WXC 68 Nemesis WXC 68 on April 28th just got even better! Our Main Event is “Brutal” Johhnny Bedford Vs the humble yet VERY dangerous Eric Higaonna who’s coming out of one of the top fight camps in our sport! We’re excited to be working with Rick Little who’s bringing some of his killers from Spokane Washington which is home of Ultimate Fighters winners Julianna Penna and Mike Chiesa.. and many more high level fighters! Rick has created his own Sik-Jitsu Fighting Systems that is proven to be VERY effective! We are always adding top MMA gyms to our roster to enhance and help take WXC global! For tickets and info go to EMUTIX.com or wxcmma.com WXC 68 on April 28th at EMU is looking VERY nice! Let’s start with one of our most EXPLOSIVE match-ups on this card. Willis Black is primed and ready for his 1st professional Championship fight! We’re bringing the VERY dangerous Evan “The Butcher ” Cutts back to our cage to give Willis his hardest challenge to date! We wanted to test our Michigan fighters at WXC 68 on April 28th by bringing in some BIG names in our sport! Marcus Maulding is in his prime and we wanted to see how he does Vs Joe “Diesel” Riggs who needs no introduction! This MMA event is treat for the entire state! Next up for WXC 68 on April 28th we have a treat for all MMA fans! The “Insane” Dave Courchaine is coming to test Michigan’s pride and joy and WXC lightweight Champion “The Finisher” Jason Fischer! Dave is also coming from the Sik-Jitsu Fighting Systems to face our Champ who’s at the top of his game! EMUTIX.com Next up for WXC 68 on April 28th we have two of our Top former ammy Champions prepared to go to WAR in our cage! Brandon Noble Vs DC Carter is the perfect match up to compliment this already STACKED fight card!Next up for WXC 68 on April 28th we gave a matchup that MUST happen! Justin Street and Thomas Fudoli we’re booked to fight last show yet because of a last minute injury the fight didn’t happen. This time around there’s definitely some bad blood to go with it! Lets keep the momentum going for WXC 68 with another EXPLOSIVE match up! Darryol Humphery Vs Mike Johnson will be intense as any fight on this card. Both fighters are fearless and will stand in the pocket and throw bombs! Don’t Blink for this one on April 28th! EMUTIX.com

Seigi Eric Ivan Higaonna vs. John Bedford  
Seigi Eric Ivan Higaonna
John Bedford
Evan Cutts vs. Willis Black  
Evan Cutts
Willis Black
Adam Smith vs. Jason Fischer
Adam Smith
Jason Fischer
Jerome Jones vs. Joe Riggs
Jerome Jones
Joe Riggs
Marcus Maulding vs. Robert Gidron
Marcus Maulding
Robert Gidron
Justin Street vs. Tim Eschtruth
Justin Street
Tim Eschtruth
Levi Mowles vs. Keith Bullock, Jr.
Levi Mowles
Keith Bullock, Jr.
Danny Moore vs. Michael Johnson
Danny Moore
Michael Johnson
Adam King vs. Russell Campbell Iii
Adam King
Russell Campbell III
Darius Hardrick vs. Jesse Smitherman
Darius Hardrick
Jesse Smitherman
Mike Glenn vs. Jesse Smith
Mike Glenn
Jesse Smith