WXC 72 Inferno

WXC 72 Inferno - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 15, 2018 in Southgate, Michigan USA

Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting is proud to announce our next event, WXC 72: Inferno. The main event of the evening has our Featherweight title up for grabs as Deven ‘Bad News’ Brown (5-2) takes on Justin Jaynes (12-4). Two will enter the WXC steel but only one will exit with gold around their waist. This event will take place on Friday June 15th, 2018 as we return to the Southgate Civic Center in Southgate, MI.

Justin Jaynes vs. Deven Brown  
Justin Jaynes
Deven Brown
Darius Estell vs. Andrew Morais
Darius Estell
Andrew Morais
The Ram Ramirez vs. Taylor Moore
The Ram Ramirez
Taylor Moore
Dustin Parrish vs. Willis Black
Dustin Parrish
Willis Black
Ryse Brink vs. Aaron Smith
Ryse Brink
Aaron Smith
The Expozer Kuppe vs. Erick Lora-martinez
The Expozer Kuppe
Erick Lora-Martinez
Manuel Alfaro vs. Pancho Theuer
Manuel Alfaro
Pancho Theuer
Gregory Sizemore, Jr. vs. Marcus Maulding
Gregory Sizemore, Jr.
Marcus Maulding
Elijah Cavender vs. Dominique Carter
Elijah Cavender
Dominique Carter
Collin Anglin vs. Mario Aguilar
Collin Anglin
Mario Aguilar
Sterling Brown vs. Darnell White Jr  
Sterling Brown
Darnell White Jr
Marisol Ruelas Lopez vs. Mattie Baker
Marisol Ruelas Lopez
Mattie Baker
Nathaniel Davis vs. Paul Fleming
Nathaniel Davis
Paul Fleming
Ryan Rachas vs. Conor Helmrich
Ryan Rachas
Conor Helmrich