Walkout FC High Octane

Walkout FC High Octane - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on August 12, 2017 in Joplin, Missouri USA

Walkout FC brings Professional and Amateur MMA back to Joplin Memorial Hall in Joplin, Missouri on Saturday, August 12th. WalkoutFC 7: High Octane features top fighters from throughout the Midwest, an amateur card that features the rising stars of the sport, and a Main Card filled with talented professional fighters from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Illinois. Professional Main Card Professional Lightweight Bout Craig Campbell (2-2) vs Chris Reed (2-3) Professional Middleweight Bout Randy Tran (2-0) vs John Hambleton (2-0) Professional Heavyweight Bout Jody Linthicum (2-4) vs Jason Simbro (0-0) Professional Flyweight Bout Aj Kimzey (2-0) vs Kelly Bacon (1-0) Professional Welterweight Bout Cody Nieto (Pro Debut) vs Seth Edwards (Pro Debut) Professional Lightweight Bout Charles Brown (0-4) vs Frank Byers (Pro Debut) Professional Welterweight Bout Michael Heckert (Pro Debut) vs Trevor Ollison (Pro Debut) Amateur Fight Card WFC Welterweight Title (C) Cj Randall 6-2 vs Charlie Walls 6-2 WFC Featherweight Title (C) Jacob Hutchison 4-0 vs Marc Diebold 10-1 WFC Jiu Jitsu SuperFight Brown Belt Kirk Huff vs Brown Belt David Lopez Josh Cooper 4-2 vs Hardy Friely 7-4 155 Jarren Reinhardt 1-2 vs Ryan Wickham 1-0 185 Andrew Poblete 2-3 vs Damian Spillman 4-2 HW Brian Jones 2-2 vs Cory Heinz 5-5 170 Jeni Lee 1-1 vs Julia Shipp 0-2 105 Rusty Merrill 1-0 vs Chris Mitchell 0-0 145 Tommy Hernandez 2-3 vs Alec Phetchareun 0-0 135 Kyle Guenther 5-5 vs Tremiere Hollie 2-6 155 Zac Sweet 0-0 vs Chris Grover 1-0 HW Aron Morris 1-3 vs Jason Haffler 0-5 170 Hector Friely 4-3 vs Trevor Barnes 7-5 125 Baldamore Garcia 0-0 vs Dustin Carstens 0-0 170 Card subject to change.

Craig Campbell vs. Chris Reed
Craig Campbell
Chris Reed
Randy Tran vs. John Hambleton
Randy Tran
John Hambleton
Herbert Morgan vs. Jody Linthicum
Herbert Morgan
Jody Linthicum
Cody Nieto vs. Seth Edwards
Cody Nieto
Seth Edwards
Aj Kimzey vs. Kelly Bacon
AJ Kimzey
Kelly Bacon
James Gerkey vs. Frank Byers
James Gerkey
Frank Byers
Mike Heckert vs. Trevor Ollison
Mike Heckert
Trevor Ollison