Warrior Games

Warrior Games is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for June 30, 2018 in Ashland, Wisconsin USA

This is the biggest MMA event ever hosted in the Great State of Wisconsin with 31 fights. We will be starting up female MMA Tournaments at 95/105/115/125/135/145Lbs We will also be starting up Male brackets at 125/145/185/205Lbs We will have semi-finals matches at 135-155-270-265Lbs!!!

Directions: Address: 320 4th Ave W, Ashland, WI 54806

Meghan Hertzog vs. Hailey Hoard
Meghan Hertzog
Hailey Hoard
Chelsea Johnson vs. Katie Perez
Chelsea Johnson
katie perez
Hannah Scoggins vs. Elle Wagman
Hannah Scoggins
Elle Wagman
Julie Russell vs. Macy Breaux  
Julie Russell
Macy Breaux
Nicole Barthel vs. Nicole Rivera  
Nicole Barthel
Nicole Rivera
Kimberly Hughes vs. April Glisson
Kimberly Hughes
April Glisson
Andrea Howland vs. Crystalynn Ortiz
Andrea Howland
Crystalynn Ortiz
Joy Thornburg vs. Kylie Mergner
Joy Thornburg
Kylie Mergner
Trevor Barnes vs. Davaughn Ellis
Trevor Barnes
DaVaughn Ellis
Matthew Acevedo vs. Adrian Hernandez
Matthew Acevedo
Adrian Hernandez
David Enriquez vs. Jay Ponder
David Enriquez
Jay Ponder
Trace Engelkes vs. Wesley Walters
Trace Engelkes
Wesley Walters
Skylar Basina vs. Tonatiuh Aparicio
Skylar Basina
Tonatiuh Aparicio
Damon Defoe vs. Mitchell Williams
Damon Defoe
Mitchell Williams
Jamie Howard vs. Kurtis Ellis
Jamie Howard
Kurtis Ellis
Hudson Ramirez vs. Joshua Easterly
Hudson Ramirez
Joshua Easterly
Desean Jakes vs. Hunter Pederson
Desean Jakes
Hunter Pederson
Gary Konkol vs. Brian Eastman
Gary Konkol
Brian Eastman
Ryan Thorne vs. Luis Fuller
Ryan Thorne
Luis Fuller
Noah Hawkins vs. Ryan Schafer
Noah Hawkins
Ryan Schafer
Isaiah Gathings Jr. vs. Tedrick Macklin
Isaiah Gathings Jr.
Tedrick Macklin
Nicholas Rahn vs. Brandon Basina
Nicholas Rahn
Brandon Basina
Ryan Williams vs. Cory Magnuson
Ryan Williams
Cory Magnuson
Julius Hicks vs. Tbd
Julius Hicks
Kyle Wiemeri vs. Blaine Kelley
Kyle Wiemeri
Blaine Kelley
Jamie Demaray vs. William Mayer
Jamie Demaray
William Mayer
William Vandervier vs. Michael Clark Jr.
William Vandervier
michael clark jr.
Cameron Pool vs. Philippe Beaudin
Cameron Pool
Philippe Beaudin
Adolfo Vega vs. Nate Draper
Adolfo Vega
Nate Draper
Jose Fuller vs. Jake Melik
Jose Fuller
Jake Melik
Will Ashmun vs. Josh Page
Will Ashmun
Josh Page
Jacob Heavlin vs. Justin Howse
Jacob Heavlin
Justin Howse