XFP - Night of Champions

XFP - Night of Champions is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for June 2, 2018 in Smithfield, North Carolina USA

Kyle Wright vs. Donterry Woods  
Kyle Wright
Donterry Woods
Jeff Roberts vs. Gregory Weeks  
Jeff Roberts
Gregory Weeks
Jeffrey Summers vs. Gustavo Duarte  
Jeffrey Summers
Gustavo Duarte
Zachary Faulkner vs. Pete Deleon
Zachary Faulkner
Pete DeLeon
Alif Bey vs. Ronnie Kornbaum
alif bey
ronnie kornbaum
John Burke vs. Alex Paloni
John Burke
Alex Paloni
Billy Craig vs. Trevor White
Billy Craig
Trevor White
Andrew Blevins vs. Marcos Arias
Andrew Blevins
Marcos Arias
Samantha Seff vs. Taylor Starling  
Samantha Seff
Taylor Starling
Joseph Bishop vs. Joseph Kearney
Joseph Bishop
Joseph Kearney
Timothy Balogh vs. Cameron Morris  
Timothy Balogh
Cameron Morris
Shane Woosley vs. Quintezs Sapp
Shane Woosley
Quintezs Sapp