Yankee Lake Brawlroom 43

Yankee Lake Brawlroom 43 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on January 30, 2016 in Brookfield, Ohio USA

mmabrawlroom returns to the Ukranian Orthodox Center. The objective of Yankee Lake Brawlroom 43 is to match local up and coming mma athletes with fair and competitive match ups. If you would like to participate in this event please or for more information contact Chuck Haskell at 724-699-1725 or go to mmabrawlroom.com and fill out a fighter information form.

Directions: Ukranian Orthodox Center 1800 State Route 7 Youngstown, OH 44403

Travis Layton vs. Tyler Collins
Travis Layton
Tyler Collins
Mike Walters vs. Riley Miller
Mike Walters
Riley Miller
David Daughtery vs. Dom Dipiazzi
David Daughtery
Dom Dipiazzi
James Reddick vs. Sean White
James Reddick
Sean White
Ryan Dally vs. Thanos Perkins
Ryan Dally
Thanos Perkins
Sam Edinger vs. Dan Padula
Sam Edinger
Dan Padula
James Taylor vs. Kenneth Goodspeed
James Taylor
Kenneth Goodspeed
Dj Disalvo vs. Mike Hice
DJ DiSalvo
Mike Hice
Gary Taylor vs. Rob Mudford
Gary Taylor
Rob Mudford