Yankee Lake Brawlroom 49

Yankee Lake Brawlroom 49 is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event Scheduled for April 28, 2018 in Brookfield, Ohio USA

This is our 49th event to be held at Yankee Lake. The goal of this event is to to give new and up and coming fighters a chance to compete against fair and equal competition. This event will focus on title elimination bouts for different weight classes to set the stage for our 50th show at Yankee lake at a date to be determined. If you would like to compete in this event please contact Chuck Haskell at 7246991725 or visit steelvalleypromotions.com.

Directions: Yankee Lake 1800 State Route 7 Brookfield OH 44403

Sean Dinan vs. Brandon Jay
Sean Dinan
Brandon Jay
Todd Ambrosia vs. Nick Labowitz
Todd Ambrosia
Nick Labowitz
Vincent Williams vs. Lex Marson
Vincent Williams
Lex Marson
Tyler Dogoda vs. Mark Mcnulty
Tyler Dogoda
Mark McNulty
Matthew Baugher vs. Desmond Carroll
Matthew Baugher
Desmond Carroll
Kevlon Hill vs. Nathaniel Crawford
Kevlon Hill
Nathaniel Crawford
Phil Marra vs. Tbd
Phil Marra
Gary Taylor vs. Nick Tarr
Gary Taylor
Nick Tarr
Marcus Williamson vs. Tyler Cobbins
Marcus Williamson
Tyler Cobbins