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Last Tuesday marked the return of the popular weekly fight show 'Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series'.

The series, which aired exclusively on UFC Fight Pass features five bouts between local stand outs fighting live in front of UFC President Dana White and UFC matchmakers to try and earn a contract with the world's top MMA promotion.

Tuesday, June 19th was the second episode of the season and airs live on Fight Pass at 8:00 PM EST.

After the dust was settled, four fighters had impressed UFC President Dana White enough to earn a UFC contract, a first for the series: Ryan Spann, Matt Sayles, Anthony Hernandez, and Dwight Grant

Main Card (Live on UFC Fight Pass, 8:00 PM EST)

-Matt Sayles defeated Yazan Hajeh by TKO (Punches, Round 1, 1:57)

-Anthony Hernandez defeated Jordan Wright by KO (Punches, Round 1, 0:40)

-Austin Springer defeated Giga Chikadze by Submission (RNC, Round 3, 4:10)

-Ryan Spann defeated Emiliano Sordi by Submission (Guillotine Choke, Round 1, 0:26)

-Dwight Grant defeated Tyler Hill by KO (Punches, Round 2, 2:08)

6/19/18 3:04 PM
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Hammerstein - Dancing with the...?

dana white's tuesday night contender series

6/19/18 4:55 PM
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Can't wait for 8, I love the series

6/19/18 7:46 PM
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I'm interested in the austin springer fight. He trains with a good team and needs a good win. He fought to get in the tuf house and lost to Chris Gruetzemacher to get in to the house. Austin jumped up two weight classes, from what he was competing at, at that time. He was competing at 135. I believe he is competing at 145 now. Hes going to need an impressive win. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does tonight. 

6/19/18 8:14 PM
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Hammerstein - Dancing with the...?

dana white's tuesday night contender series



6/19/18 8:43 PM
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couple great finishes so far. Spann with the 1st round guillotine and Grant with the 2nd round KO
6/19/18 9:01 PM
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6/19/18 9:02 PM
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Giga overrated. He’s shown holes that will be easy to exploit for the next guy..

6/19/18 9:04 PM
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Hole exploited..

6/19/18 9:16 PM
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Wright 9-0. All cans except for his most recent guy who was 7-4. Hernandez mostly cans, except for his last 2 who were good wins. 6-0.  Leaning Wright because he’s got the Jackson-Wink gym behind him. Should be a good fight. Hernandez the significant favorite for some reason.. 

6/19/18 9:18 PM
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Hernandez 6’0”  Wright 6’2”

75” reach                 77” reach

6/19/18 9:18 PM
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It’s over before it begins..lol Rich white kid vs angry mexican whose father just died..lol KTFO

6/19/18 9:22 PM
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Damn...who tf is cutting onions in here?  

6/19/18 9:24 PM
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dusty as fuck man
6/19/18 9:24 PM
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Damn...who tf is cutting onions in here?  

lol damn

Bisping crying
6/19/18 9:25 PM
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that was intense. Dana has to sign more than one guy tonight!
6/19/18 9:33 PM
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Bad stop.. he kept moving. 

6/19/18 9:39 PM
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How do you not sign Spann, Grant, Sayles and Hernandez?

Rough decision.
6/19/18 9:44 PM
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they all deserved it.
6/19/18 9:49 PM
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wow. 4 contracts! congrats to everyone.

6/19/18 9:53 PM
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Damn...who tf is cutting onions in here?  

Yeah dude, my dad died when I was 18, so that's my weak spot. Straight up weeping.

6/19/18 9:56 PM
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Is this only on fight pass?


6/20/18 1:17 AM
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Good card. I look forward to these. 

6/20/18 5:41 AM
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Was the Giga on that card the same Giga that posts here?

6/20/18 8:30 AM
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It’s over before it begins..lol Rich white kid vs angry mexican whose father just died..lol KTFO

that "talk to the hand defense" didn't help either for wright