AcademicGround Any psychologists here?

7/13/16 1:35 PM
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Another "too late to go back to school at 30?" thread. 

Psychology is something I've always been interested in, and for those of you who know my story, know that I've become quite interested in helping people since my own issues. 

Just wondering how long I'd be looking at in terms of starting university to finishing and finding work. Five years? More? 

Being a full time single dad kind of makes me need to really consider the time invested, but work ethic won't be an issue. 

8/5/16 9:53 PM
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Are you in the US? I trained and licensed as a psychologist in the Uk, my wife is from the US and I emigrated, as her parents help us with the kids. I assumed it would be easy to transfer my license but its actually virtually impossible to do that in any profession. As I got my post grad over a decade ago i would have to redo my post grad (I work for the government without a license) and that would take 5 years. I dont know if you have a degree or not, if not you are looking at 4 years for an undergrad psych degree, if you do you will have to do whatever psych requirements they have you havent done, get a  decent gpa, then sit the Graduate registration assessment... basically then you are looking at 5 years after that for clin psych

Now if you are interested in school psychology it can be faster than that, Im not sure how much it differs across states but in texas you can do just  a masters instead of a doctoral level course, you cant call yourself a school psychologist but I think its 3 years post grad instead of not 100%

I actually decided to not redo my psych post grad as the cost compared to my increase in wages wasnt worth it, I am considering doing a nursing top up to be an RN, and then do a masters to eb a nurse practioner in menatal is better than psychologist pay and it costs less, and takes less time

I hope that helps a little

1/3/17 4:11 PM
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I have a bachelors, and while I would say it is the most interesting area of study I have ever experienced, it is a really tough field to work in.

You will end up talking exclusively to a partition of the population that is troubled and unable to make positive decisions for themselves. If I were to work in the field again, I think it would have to be child psychology. I had trouble not becoming a jaded cynic after the three years I worked as a counselor. Talking to adults all day who mostly act like children is really difficult.

1/3/17 4:13 PM
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Btw it took me five years to get my degree, but I switched majors four times. You could get it in four or less if you took on a heavy load each semester. A Ph.D might take up to a decade.