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some great stuff in here Phone Post 3.0
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groundfighter2000 - 
The Adversary - So, I'm moving to Korea in the very near future and have been looking at a ton of programs, apps, and methods to learning a language quickly and efficiently. I'll just share some of the newer tools I've come across.

Hey, our very own forum member and BJJ black belt John Frankl teaches in Korea. And he is fluent in Korean. You may want to pick his brain. Although if IIRC, he started studying Korean at 18 and he has a degree in Korean Literature but he still might have good info for you about learning the language and Korean in general.

You moving to Korea for work?

Funny you would mention him, as I just came across his name the other day while looking up BJJ/MMA in Korea.

He sounds like a good guy to get to know, thanks man. Where does he usually post here?

I planned on eventually making my way to his school, but I didn't realize he might offer some insight into learning Korean, as well.

Yeah, I'm going over to teach English (surprise, haha). If I can help it, I plan on staying for a couple of years at minimum.
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The podcast 'Art of Charm' has several episodes where they talk to language experts.
Its free and has some good tips.
The podcast numbers are

#316 Gabriel Wyner: Fluent forever
#343 Ben Whately: Learning languages
#353: Scott H Young: Language Hacks for Everyone
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In bed

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Immersion. Spend six weeks to six months in a foreign country. It will change your linguistic capacity and your life. Best investment you will ever make.

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universities that I know about the "for profit" institutions that hijacked public schools to turn them into prep schools for that,

dont' teach language courses you break that pattern it's why they have one, with things like MLA diction syntax grammer?

cuz what are you learning, right it's a set of synonyms, that you need to be using to know, and then reordering words in any sentence order, it's synonyms, ordered differently...


like, reading this?:

They for long in time, taken HIGH for these a spirit equation, lost forEver day, even if a day gone in a Long time, so ever day, lose to know in NAme, and take for these in highland, to lose in ark a'bout?

You understand, all the words, but you need to be able to freeverse out loud, practice just sounding your thoughts out.

Babylon the tower of babyl, language breaker, told you 'Holy' came from Rome and 'Critical' came from guam? Things like that. The word fore "fire" in any language is "fire." and there are synonyms