AcademicGround Why you went to college

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did you go to college primarily to become gainfully employed or simply to become better educated in your chosen field?
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Because it was free (baseball scholarship)
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I got fed up with working shit jobs.
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To learn. -doug-
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what spicoli said, pretty much seemed like the thing to do. Plus it's free where i'm at. It's far from being 100% what i'd love to be doing, but not bad.
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Thought I was gonna make some loot....what a lie.
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To wrestle
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What dougie said
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Seemed like a good idead at the time. I already had two years exp. as a tutor, teacher's aide and I had subbed a few classes in HS so I wanted my teaching credential.
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to get a degree.
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Cuz my parents would've deported me if I didn't???
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I was good at school, so it just seemed like the normal thing to do. There was honestly no under reason at the time. It was only once I started University that I actually figured out what I wanted to do with my life, and I'm damn happy I found that out.
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I went to college for both reasons... I wanted to get a finacially stable job, but I also wanted to expand my mind... I learned more about myself than I ever expected in college...Great times...
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to be educated, i dont really care about the job that i will get, as long as im doing something with decent pay.
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I am first generation college. To my parents, it was a ticket to a better life. Hoenstly, for me, it was the only option in my mind at the time. However, now, I see that it was the best choice for me. If I could afford the pay downgrade, I would be a professor when I get my Ed.D.
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to make some $$$$$ afterwards!
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Never thought about. I guess I just always assumed I'd go. Seemed like the thing to do.
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Never thought of not going.
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to play baseball
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oh, and to get laid. I did occasionally attend classes.
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My old man forced me to, that's why.
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I wanted to go to medical school
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Got tired of working in call center. I went to school when I was 18-19 dropped out cause I was hanging out with friends and partying way too much. Now, Im 25 and really dont want to be working in a call center or be a supervisor, so Im going back to school. Going back to get a degree in finance.
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To play Hockey which i did and smoked alot. I never went for academics although i did well i was never sure what i wanted to study as my major.