Alabama Underground Lutador Grappling Open March 13, 2010 Atlanta GA

1/22/10 1:11 PM
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Lutador Grappling Open

Date: March 13, 2010
River Wood High School
5900 Heards Dr Nw
Atlanta, GA 30328

Gi/No Gi divisions for all ages
Kids: $50 pre registration price
Adult: $60 pre registration price
Open Divisions: $15 more pre registration price

Pre-register before March 11, 2010 and save on registration.

Tournament begins at 9am


Custom Medals to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners

$500 To The Team Champions

$1000 Brown/Black Belt Light Weight Pro Division
$1000 Brown/Black Belt Heavy Weight Pro Division

If you would like to compete in Pro division send resumes to

$100 White Belt Open Division
$200 Blue Belt Open Division
$300 Purple Belt Open Division

$100 Womens Gi Open Division

more info at
1/28/10 4:09 PM
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Cobrinha at Lutador
1/31/10 9:59 AM
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Save time and money by registering online at
2/2/10 7:30 AM
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2/3/10 9:50 AM
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Custom medals to all winners.
2/5/10 3:36 PM
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2/6/10 8:51 AM
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Light Weight Brown/ Black Belt Pro Division 174.9 under

Heavy Weight Brown / Black Belt Pto Division 175 over

send resumes to

or call 7064141064 ask for jason

no entry fee for brown and black belts
2/8/10 11:56 PM
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Save time and money by registering online at

Preregistration ends March 11th 2010
2/10/10 10:50 PM
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Anyone else from Alabama competing in this? Daniel O'Brien will be in the brown/black heavyweight pro division.
2/14/10 9:23 PM
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Save time and money by registering online at

Preregistration ends March 11th 2010
2/19/10 8:48 PM
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3/1/10 10:42 PM
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Save time and money by registering online at

Preregistration ends March 11th 2010
3/4/10 10:04 PM
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8 more days to get pre-registration prices!
3/7/10 10:27 AM
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Final week to get pre-registration prices!
3/13/10 8:37 PM
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The only results I know are the Pro Brown/Black Heavyweight finals.

I know Daniel O'Brien (Triad) and Ian McPherson (current brown belt world champion from Alliance) both tapped black belts to make it to the finals. It was an extremely close match. Both had advantage points from sub attempts, points from sweeps, etc. Daniel's knee popped and he had to quit the match. From what I understand, this wasn't due to a sub attempt, just a random injury.

This is the second time Daniel and Ian have competed against one another. Last time Ian won by points. Last time was an extremely close match as well.

Might have a video soon.
3/14/10 3:04 AM
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Congrats to Daniel and Triad. That's a bad way to lose.
3/14/10 1:57 PM
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There were tons of amazing matches yesterday including the the Ian McPhearson vs Daniel O'Brian Match. Another guy to look out for is Daren Roberts who lost in the final to Gilbert Burns.
This tournament was AWESOME!!!
3/14/10 2:07 PM
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Thank you to everyone that came to make it a great event. There was a much greater turn out than we could have expected.
3/14/10 9:15 PM
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I think the pro division is what did it. The cash prize and free entry drew the good guys. I think the lower ranked guys often follow their more experienced training partners to tournaments.

Sounds like it was a great event. Good job.
3/16/10 7:24 AM
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Here is a video of O'Brian/McPherson

I think it's funny that they both have long hair and irish names.
3/16/10 11:21 AM
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Great match. The kimura to triangle was pretty sick and how the hell he got out is beyond me.
3/16/10 6:04 PM
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Yeah, Ian ended up in 2 triangles and defended both very well. It was a great match.
3/17/10 5:28 PM
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Lutador always puts on great events.

They always have the best Grapplers in the world competing in the Pro divisions.