Alabama Underground Triad success at Sport(s)fight X

3/25/12 11:44 AM
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Congratulations to Josh Jarrett and Stephen Wilhite, my training partners at Triad, for their first round submission wins at Sportfight X last night.  Also, big props to my good friend Matt Ward for handling an unprofessional opponent (13 lbs overweight, late medicals, faulty medicals, continued to hang around the lockerroom yucking it up after being pulled from the card) in a very classy and professional way.  TRIAD!
3/25/12 1:00 PM
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Anyone video the fights? I was out of town so I missed them. Phone Post
3/25/12 2:46 PM
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Nobody videoed mine, thanks for bringing that up.. Lol Phone Post
3/25/12 8:17 PM
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There's a video of mine somewhere.  I talked to my opponent backstage after the fights.  I thought he had had 3 fights.  Turns out, he's had A LOT more than that.  He wouldn't tell me how many because he said it was embarassing.  He was a super nice guy though.  People were talking about how good he was, and how I was in trouble considering this was my first fight.  I'm glad I dissapointed those guys in just 87 seconds.  Sorry haters.  Maybe next time. ;-)

Matt, I can't tell you how sorry I am about how you got crapped on.  Just take it out on the guys in Cali next week.

Stephen did amazing.  Typical "Mount... punch till they give up their back... RNC".  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Rickson has beaten countless people with that exact same method.  Awesome fight. 
3/25/12 8:39 PM
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Congrats Josh. Phone Post
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way to go you guys, especially Josh. Congrats man!
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Won Golden Gloves this weekend.  Didn't expect to win but glad I did.

Thanks to Josh O'Brien for coaching me through it.