Alaska Underground Fairbanks, when is it best to travel there?

9/22/10 10:36 AM
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I have tix to Alaska that I must use by June, now since they are positive space, but standby tix I would get bumped on the flights that are full. I'm sure summer is the time of season most travel to Alaska. Should I rule out Winter travel, wait for Spring? I want to maximize my chances of getting up there without the delay of getting bumped.
10/6/10 9:51 AM
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Thanks. Since I posted this a few restrictions have come to light. I probably have to use the tix by Mar/Apr. So I'm leaning towards March. I realize the weather will be the biggest issue, but I'm going to have to suck that up and go in the winter. Which I don't mind but I know it will limit my access to Denali.
10/6/10 4:31 PM
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thanks, although I do plan on going on the Stampede trail to the magic bus. So if I can either rent a truck, or take the Alaskan Railway up that far then hike over they say winter would be better for that as the river will be frozen over, what say you? Also where do people train in Fairbanks?
10/6/10 6:12 PM
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ah, understood. I probably won't have time to train anyway. I'm flying positive space, but standby so my time frame is going to be unsure. Thanks for all your help.
11/7/10 10:28 AM
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I would go as late in April as you can, perfect hiking weather then. The only trade off would be that there's a higher avalanche risk the later you go but you'll have access to a lot more than you would in March.