1/3/09 10:19 PM
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If anyone would like to help, i need some info concerning Alaskan fighters.

We're going to have Alaska Regional Rankings listed at our website...

And we also be needing someone to manage these rankings.

I will be posting each weight class separately, but unfortunately i have so little info i cannot rank any of the fighters. So i will just list them below the TOP TEN.

I don't even weights for most of them.

If you could help by filling-in any info lacking (i.e., weight, fight team, etc.), i would greatly appreciate it.

1/3/09 10:23 PM
Posts: 3919
Please remember, these are Regional Rankings, and as such they should be ranked according to who they beat that is from Alaska.

For example, Sam Hoger has not fought anyone from Alaska, that i'm aware of. So should he be #1 at LHW? No. Because this about who is the best IN that state. Not the best FROM that state.

I hope that makes sense.